Construct: 3-inch 2S Ultralight Drone utilizing Flywoo GOKU F405 HD 1-2S 12A AIO V2 FC

Construct: 3-inch 2S Ultralight Drone utilizing Flywoo GOKU F405 HD 1-2S 12A AIO V2 FC

On this submit, I’ll share my 3″ Toothpick construct (a sub-100g micro FPV drone) utilizing the newest Flywoo GOKU F405 1-2S 12A AIO FC. This quad can be utilizing the Walksnail FPV system and powered by 2S batteries. I may even share my ideas and expertise from utilizing the GOKU F405 12A AIO FC. Take into account this a mini-review.

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Be taught extra about flight controllers in my purchaser’s information:

My Expertise with the Flywoo GOKU F405 1-2S 12A AIO FC

Product Web page:

It comes with the next equipment.

Flywoo Goku F405 Hd 1 2s 12a Aio V2 Fc Unbox Accessories

Why I actually just like the Flywoo GOKU 1-2S 12A AIO FC:

  • Constructed-in ExpressLRS 2.4GHz receiver (UART), making it a compact answer.
  • Affords 6 UARTs! Usually, whoop/toothpick fashion FCs solely provide you with 2 UARTs, which could be very limiting. With this many UARTs, you may actually apply it to any construct.
  • A number of 4.5V pads, which I take advantage of for powering the receiver and GPS. This lets you energy these gadgets by USB with out the necessity to plug within the battery, to keep away from overheating VTX.
  • Has 8MB of flash reminiscence for Blackbox logging! That is helpful for tuning your quad. Most different 25.5×25.5mm FCs merely wouldn’t have this function.
  • SDA and SCL (i2c) connections will let you join a compass. Once more, this function is normally lacking in the sort of board!
  • Onboard barometer!
  • Affords each MPU6000 and ICM42688-P gyros.
  • Has a 9V 2A BEC for powering your VTX!
  • Helps iNAV!
  • ESC’s have been flashed with Bluejay 0.19 24KHz in manufacturing facility.

What I don’t like about this FC:

  • The largest draw back of this FC might be the absence of the OSD chip for analog (AT7456E). The brand new V2 is designed for HD programs, equivalent to Walksnail, HDZero, and DJI, which don’t want this chip to show OSD within the goggles like analog does. I suppose analog is turning into much less in style, and this transformation lowers the price of manufacturing as properly. You’ll be able to nonetheless use it with analog if you happen to actually wish to, however Betaflight OSD received’t work.
  • I want there was an extra model with a horizontal USB port. This may assist a wider vary of frames and make it extra versatile.

General, I believe the GOKU F405 1-2S 12A AIO FC is likely one of the greatest flight controller boards for 1S or 2S toothpicks and whoops, particularly for these digital FPV builds like Walksnail, DJI, and HDZero with its 9V BEC.

Right here’s a side-by-side comparability between the V1 and V2 of the GOKU 12A AIO FC.

Flywoo Goku F405 Hd 1 2s 12a Aio V2 Fc Compare V1 Versatile

Some close-ups of the flight controller, prime and backside.

Flywoo Goku F405 Hd 1 2s 12a Aio V2 Fc Front

Flywoo Goku F405 Hd 1 2s 12a Aio V2 Fc Back


  • BF Flight Controller Firmware: FLYWOOF405S_AIO
  • INAV Firmware: FLYWOOF405PRO
  • MCU: STM32F405BGA
  • BEC: 5V 2A / 9V 2A
  • Flash: 8MB
  • LED: 2 × WS2812
  • Barometer: DPS310 / SPL06
  • Gyro: ICM42688P / MPU6000
  • Motor: M1-M4 OUTPUT I2C: SCL/SDA
  • UARTs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Connector: Kind-C
  • OSD: No
  • Gap: 25.5 × 25.5-3mm
  • Measurement: 30 × 30mm
  • Weight: 4.9g

Onboard 4-in-1 ESC

  • Constructed-in 1S/2S 12A BL_S 4-in-1 ESC Helps Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot, Dshot150, Dshot300, Dshot600
  • Enter Voltage: 1-2S Lipo
  • Firmware: BLHELI_S Bluejay 0.19 24KHz
  • Firmware Model: Z_H_30_REV16.7

ELRS 2.4G RX (Elective)

  • ESP8285 MCU
  • SX1280IMLTRT RF Module
  • Frequency Vary: 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz
  • Most Obtain Refresh Price: 500Hz
  • Minimal Receiver Refresh Price: 25Hz
  • Serial: UART 1
  • Firmware: Flywoo EL24P 2400 RX
  • Model: 3.X.X
Specification GOKU F405 HD 1-2S ELRS AIO V2 GOKU F405 1-2S 12A AIO ELRS
BEC 5V 2A & 9V 2A 5V 2A
Flash 8MB 8MB
Onboard LED 2*WS2812 2*WS2812
Barometer DPS310/SPL06 DPS310/SPL06
Gyro ICM42688P / MPU6000 ICM42688P / MPU6000
i2c SCL/SDA Sure Sure
UARTs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Connector USB Kind-C Micro USB
Analog OSD No Sure (AT7456E)
Mounting 25.5*25.5mm 25.5*25.5mm
Measurement 30*30mm 30*30mm
Weight 4.9g 4.1g

Right here’s the pinout diagram.

Flywoo Goku F405 Hd 1 2s 12a Aio V2 Fc Manual Pinout

3″ 2S Walksnail Toothpick Construct

Elements listing:

Presently, the lightest body I might discover is the Babytooth, however it’s nearly by no means in inventory (I’m additionally fairly stunned it’s nonetheless not been cloned at this level). Additionally, it’s not designed for FCs with vertical USB ports, that are the commonest sort of FC. There aren’t many whoop-style FCs obtainable with horizontal USB ports, so I usually simply flip the board over and re-configure the board alignment in Betaflight. I get some new 3″ toothpick frames to check out within the subsequent couple of weeks, hopefully will discover a good alternative.

First, mount the motors.

3inch Toothpick Ultralight Fpv Drone Build 2s Walksnail 1s Vtx T Motor 1103

Then, set up the Walksnail 1S VTX to the body and solder it to the FC. I’m powering it from the 5V pad on the FC because the 1S VTX solely helps 3.3V to 5V enter.

3inch Toothpick Ultralight Fpv Drone Build 2s Walksnail 1s Vtx Connect Flywoo F405 1 2s 12a Aio Fc

I additionally soldered a capacitor to the XT30 energy pads, which include the FC. I’m utilizing BetaFPV’s micro lite cover designed for tiny whoops, however it works improbable on this construct. It has simply sufficient room to deal with the USB port. Nonetheless, I do must take away the cover if I wish to join the FC to Betaflight, which is barely annoying.

3inch Toothpick Ultralight Fpv Drone Build 2s Walksnail 1s Vtx Electronics Canopy

The construct weighs solely 59g excluding the battery, and with a 2S 550mAh battery, it weighs solely 88g. I can nonetheless make it lighter by:

  • Shortening the motor wires and XT30 pigtail.
  • Utilizing fewer zip ties.
  • Not utilizing screws for mounting propellers (I solely have props with 2mm holes, and people motors have 1.5mm shafts, so I’ve to make use of screws for now).
  • Utilizing a lighter cover.
  • Utilizing a lighter battery mount.

3inch Toothpick Ultralight Fpv Drone Build 2s Walksnail 1s Vtx Weight Sub100 Sub250

Let me know when you’ve got any questions within the feedback.

3inch Toothpick Ultralight Fpv Drone Build 2s Walksnail 1s Vtx

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