Utilizing LiPo Batteries for FPV Drones: Newbie’s Information with High Product Suggestions

Utilizing LiPo Batteries for FPV Drones: Newbie’s Information with High Product Suggestions

LiPo batteries are an unbelievable energy supply for FPV drones, offering a considerable quantity of vitality storage and supply capabilities. Nonetheless, if not dealt with appropriately, they’ll pose security dangers. This information will cowl the fundamentals of LiPo batteries for FPV drones, together with protected charging practices and correct storage strategies when not in use.

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Disclaimer: The data on this web page is meant as common recommendation. Making certain battery security is your accountability, and you must use the data supplied at your individual danger.

Battery Suggestions

When selecting LiPo batteries, at all times go for respected manufacturers to make sure efficiency and high quality. Select the smaller packs if you need a lighter, extra agile drone; select the bigger packs if you happen to prioritize flight time over dealing with. Be aware {that a} bigger pack can ship extra present at the price of barely better weight, so there’s a commerce off to be made.

5″ Freestyle and Racing Drones

The commonest LiPo batteries used on 5″ FPV drones for freestyle and racing are 4S and 6S voltage. To know the variations between 4S and 6S, go to: https://oscarliang.com/6s-mini-quad-racing-drone/. Go along with 6S in case you are on the fence, it’s just about the trade customary in 2024. Typical battery capability for 4S is round 1300mAh  to 1600mAh, and for 6S that’s round 1000mah to 1300mah.

GNB – Finances Possibility #1

For learners, investing in top-tier batteries might not be obligatory because you gained’t want all that energy, and crashes usually tend to harm them. Selecting an economical possibility is a better alternative throughout the studying section.

GNB has been a dependable finances possibility within the FPV drone world for fairly a while. Many batteries out there out there are literally rebranded from GNB, demonstrating the trade’s confidence of their merchandise.

Product Web page

4S 1500mAh: https://s.click on.aliexpress.com/e/_DDR5SFB
6S 1100mAh: https://s.click on.aliexpress.com/e/_DB0ypHX
Different voltage/capability: https://oscarliang.com/product-mzqb

Dogcom – Finances Possibility #2

Dogcom 6s 4s Lipo Battery Fpv Drone

Alongside GNB, Dogcom is one other nice finances battery. Nonetheless the commerce off for having wonderful performing cells is that they’re ever so barely bigger and heavier than different manufacturers in its class, it’s price it if you happen to want that additional punch.

Product Web page

RDQ: https://oscarliang.com/product-rbp5
AliExpress: https://s.click on.aliexpress.com/e/_DlbzRMD

For 3″ FPV Drones

For micro drone batteries suggestions (Tiny whoops, 2″, 3″, 3.5″), try this submit: https://oscarliang.com/whoop-toothpick-lipo-battery/.

Dogcom 4S 850mAh / 6S 650mAh:

Tattu R-Line 4S 850mAh / 6S 550mAh:

Are LiPo Batteries Protected?

When dealt with appropriately, LiPo batteries are completely protected. Nonetheless, LiPo batteries could catch fireplace resulting from improper dealing with or bodily harm. Making certain security entails cautious remedy and vigilance in dealing with your batteries.

Understanding LiPo Battery Fundamentals

Lithium polymer batteries, or LiPo batteries, boast an distinctive power-to-weight ratio, making them an excellent alternative for FPV drones.

To pick the suitable LiPo battery, it’s essential to discover ways to interpret its specs and turn out to be aware of important terminology, which will probably be defined within the following sections.

LiPo battery label explained: voltage, capacity, cell count (s)

LiPo Battery Voltage

LiPo batteries encompass particular person cells, every with a nominal voltage of three.7V, which is indicated on the battery label.

A LiPo battery is designed to function safely inside a selected voltage vary, usually between 3.0V and 4.2V. Overcharging a LiPo battery above 4.2V is harmful and should result in a fireplace. Discharging under 3V could lead to irreversible efficiency degradation or battery harm. This minimal voltage can also be known as the cut-off voltage. It’s typically really useful to cease discharging when the battery reaches 3.5V per cell to increase its lifespan.

Cell Rely

LiPo batteries could have a number of cells. The ‘S’ ranking on a battery refers to t±±he variety of cells it has. So, a 6S battery has six cells, a 4S battery has 4, and so forth. As a result of every cell has a nominal voltage of three.7V, a 4S battery has a nominal voltage of 4 x 3.7V = 14.8V, whereas a 6S battery has a nominal voltage of 6 x 3.7V = 22.2V.

Battery voltage instantly impacts motor pace, so utilizing the next cell-count battery can improve your drone’s energy (assuming the drone helps the upper voltage). Nonetheless, including extra cells additionally makes the battery heavier and costlier.

Within the interest, we usually confer with batteries by their cell depend or “S” designation:

  • 1S = 1 cell = 3.7V
  • 2S = 2 cells = 7.4V
  • 3S = 3 cells = 11.1V
  • 4S = 4 cells = 14.8V
  • 5S = 5 cells = 18.5V
  • 6S = 6 cells = 22.2V

For instance, we name a 14.8V battery a “4-cell” or simply “4S” battery.

Fascinating info:

  • Connecting two similar batteries in sequence doubles the voltage however doesn’t change capability (e.g., two 2S 1000mAh batteries in sequence turn out to be a 4S 1000mAh battery). Connecting them in parallel doubles capability whereas sustaining the identical voltage (e.g., a 2S 2000mAh pack).
  • LiPos may use a “P” designation for voltage, with “P” indicating the variety of cells in parallel. 2S1P means “2 cells in sequence and 1 cell in parallel.” If a battery doesn’t have a “P,” it’s assumed to be “1P,” so 2S1P and 2S are the identical.
  • 3S2P means “3 cells in sequence and a pair of cells in parallel.” This battery has a complete of 6 cells, with 2 parallel teams of cells, every containing 3 cells in sequence.


The capability of a LiPo battery, measured in mAh (milliampere-hour), signifies how a lot present you possibly can draw from the battery constantly for an hour till it’s empty. Be aware that 1000mAh equals 1Ah.

For instance, with a 1300mAh LiPo (or 1.3Ah), it will take an hour to be utterly discharged if you happen to draw a relentless 1.3A present from it. If the present draw doubles to 2.6A, the period can be halved (1.3/2.6=0.5). If you happen to draw 39A of present continuous, the pack would final solely 2 minutes (1.3/39=1/30 of an hour).

Growing your battery capability would possibly supply longer flight time, however the tradeoff is a heavier, bigger battery. Weight considerably impacts an plane’s flight time, so it’s important to decide on a battery with an optimum stability between capability and weight for max effectivity.

Greater capability batteries may additionally present larger discharge currents, as defined within the subsequent part.

C Score

C Score is an indicator of the utmost present you possibly can safely draw from a LiPo battery with out inflicting harm. In principle, this may be calculated by:

Most Present Draw = Capability x C-Score

Drawing extra present than specified by the C-rating shouldn’t be really useful, because the battery can overheat, improve inner resistance over time, shorten battery lifespan, and even trigger thermal runaway (catching fireplace) in excessive circumstances.

Batteries with larger C-ratings are usually heavier and bigger even on the similar capability. For instance, these two 4S 650mAh batteries proven within the picture have totally different weight and sizes resulting from differing C-ratings.

 The next C-rating battery gives higher efficiency, particularly for power-hungry drones, nevertheless it’s not at all times the only option. On a low-power cruiser, additional energy from the next C-rating battery could be pointless, whereas the added weight might be counterproductive and lead to much less flight time. It’s all about utilizing the appropriate instrument for the job.

Though C-rating might be a great tool, it has turn out to be largely a advertising and marketing instrument lately, so take it with a grain of salt. Manufacturers would possibly inflate C-rating numbers, making it meaningless for comparability between manufacturers. Nonetheless, it might probably nonetheless be useful for selecting a battery from the identical model, assuming they observe the identical customary. So long as you choose batteries from our suggestions, C-rating shouldn’t be a serious concern.

Inner Resistance

All electrical elements have resistance, together with batteries. The resistance inside a battery known as inner resistance (IR), which signifies how a lot the battery resists present move. Inner resistance can be utilized to measure LiPo battery efficiency. Decrease IR means the battery can ship energy to your FPV drone extra successfully.

Monitoring IR over time can also be helpful for figuring out when to retire a LiPo battery. LiPo cells’ IR will increase slowly with time and utilization, an inevitable and irreversible course of. The next unhealthy practices can speed up battery growing old:

  • Over-discharging and over-charging
  • Pushing the battery too arduous by discharging at the next present than it’s rated for, for an prolonged interval
  • Overheating

The largest issue affecting a battery’s most discharge charge is its inner resistance. Excessive IR results in extra noticeable voltage drop as you improve throttle, a phenomenon referred to as “voltage sag”. As voltage decreases, motors lose RPM, and the drone feels much less highly effective and responsive.

Some batteries are designed for low-current purposes (e.g., 8C or 10C ranking for powering a radio), which inherently have larger IR. 18650 Li-ion batteries even have larger IR than typical LiPo batteries, which is regular.

For extra info on when to retire a battery and the way to measure inner resistance, try our devoted article on the subject: https://oscarliang.com/when-retire-lipo-battery/

Discharge Connector

All LiPo batteries include two units of wires/connectors: the discharge connector (primary lead) and stability connector (stability lead). Nonetheless, 1S batteries solely have a discharge connector since balancing shouldn’t be required for 1 cell.

The discharge lead usually consists of two thicker crimson and black wires used to energy the FPV drone.

One other set of smaller wires connects to a white connector; that is the stability lead. The variety of wires is dependent upon the battery’s cell depend.

LiPo battery label explained: voltage, capacity, cell count (s)

The commonest discharge connector is the XT60, primarily utilized in 5″ FPV drones or bigger. For smaller drones, the XT30, a smaller model of the XT60, is usually used. They’ve comparable shapes however differ in sizes and present rankings.

Different battery connectors generally utilized in FPV drones and tools embrace:

For extra info on electrical wires and connectors, confer with our in-depth article on the subject: https://oscarliang.com/wires-connectors/

Lipo Battery Connector Testing Size Compare Bt2 Ph2 A30 Xt30 Gnb27 1s Micro Fpv Drone Tiny Whoop Performance

Steadiness Connector

LiPo batteries with a couple of cell will at all times have a stability lead, which is for monitoring and balancing cell voltages. The official identify of the stability connector is JST-XH.

LiPo battery balance leads

You will have to attach the stability result in the charger when charging. This permits the charger to verify and stability the voltage of every cell throughout charging. Importantly, at all times plug within the stability lead earlier than charging!

The variety of wires in a stability lead begins at 3 for a 2S LiPo, and that quantity will increase by 1 for each increment in cell depend:

  • 2S – 3 wires
  • 3S – 4 wires
  • 4S – 5 wires
  • 5S – 6 wires
  • 6S – 7 wires

It’s not unusual on your stability result in be broken by spinning propellers throughout flight. To discover ways to restore a damaged stability lead, confer with our detailed tutorial: https://oscarliang.com/fix-balance-plug-lipo-replace/

If the stability lead is lengthy, think about using a rubber band to strap it down, it might probably additionally reduces the vibrations attributable to the dangling cable.

Flyfish Volador Vd5 Frames Builid Lipo Battery

Preserving Battery Balanced

Toolkitrc Mc8 Lipo Voltage Checker Menu Screen Interface Cells

It’s essential to ensure the cells in a battery are inside comparable vary earlier than utilizing it, in any other case you possibly can danger over-discharging the cells with decrease voltage. Additionally if a battery pack constantly turn out to be unbalanced, the cells in all probability have totally different inner resistance and must be inspected extra carefully.

Simply plug within the stability lead right into a voltage checker and it’ll show the voltage of all cells. Get a voltage checker right here: https://oscarliang.com/fpv-tools/#LiPo-Voltage-Checker

Battery Sorts


LiPo stands for lithium polymer, it’s the usual battery chemistry used for racing and freestyle FPV drones. LiPo has a totally charged voltage of 4.2 V and storage cost voltage of round 3.85V.


LiHV is a particular kind of LiPo battery, with HV standing for “excessive voltage.” They’re extra energy-dense than conventional LiPo batteries and may be charged as much as 4.35V per cell (versus the usual 4.20V). Nonetheless, there are blended critiques concerning the longevity of LiHV batteries, as they may expertise a lower in efficiency prior to common LiPos. In our submit, we in contrast a LiHV battery with a LiPo when it comes to efficiency. Regardless of these considerations, LiHV batteries have turn out to be a preferred alternative for 1S Tiny Whoops as a result of the affect of the upper voltage is important.


Li-Ion stands for Lithium ion, usually have a a lot larger capability in comparison with LiPo of the identical weight. Due to its larger capability per weight, Li-Ion batteries are nice for lengthy vary flying. Nonetheless it has a lot decrease discharging efficiency, making it not appropriate for aggressive flying. Study extra about Li-Ion batteries and suggestions right here: https://oscarliang.com/li-ion-battery-long-range/

Selecting the Proper LiPo Battery

If you happen to observe my LiPo battery suggestions, you possibly can keep away from worrying about calculations I’m going to point out you under. Additionally make certain to keep away from “no-name” batteries, and persist with respected manufacturers reminiscent of:

  • GNB (Gaoneng)
  • CNHL (China Passion Line)
  • Lumenier (GetFPV)
  • RDQ
  • Tattu R-Line
  • Dogcom

Right here’s I’ll present you ways to decide on an excellent battery on your drone.

How Many Packs Ought to Newcomers Purchase?

You possibly can actually purchase as many battery packs as you need, however I feel 4 packs is an effective quantity in case you are simply beginning to fly FPV. Assuming every flight lasts round 5 to 10 minutes (considering the time you stroll to select up your crashed quad, preflight preparation, and brief breaks between flights), you’ll have as much as 40 minutes of flying time with simply 4 packs. In case you have a option to cost your batteries within the area, you possibly can lengthen your flying time considerably. Study extra about area charging right here: https://oscarliang.com/field-charging/


As a rule of thumb, the battery ought to weigh roughly half the load of the freestyle or racing drone (excluding the GoPro). If you happen to observe my battery suggestions, the efficiency must be ok, and also you gained’t want to contemplate anything. For lengthy vary and cinematic FPV drones, a bigger battery could also be used to maximise flight time, the place responsiveness and energy isn’t the priorities, the battery may be as heavy because the drone itself or extra.

In case your drone has a special measurement or weight class, you possibly can observe the extra guidelines under.

Figuring out Drone Present Draw

After deciding on motor and propeller sizes, you must be capable of discover thrust knowledge on your motor, in addition to the present draw for supported propeller sizes. For instance, with this motor and 5040×3 props, it attracts as much as 36.74A at 100% throttle.

The overall most present draw for a quadcopter with 4 motors can be 36.74 x 4 = 146.96A at 100% throttle. If you wish to play it protected, you should utilize this quantity to discover a battery with a excessive sufficient C-rating. Nonetheless, I often cut back it by 30-40% for 2 causes: firstly, we not often fly at 100% throttle for quite a lot of seconds (I personally largely fly at round 40-60% throttle); and secondly, motors draw considerably fewer amps in actual life than in static thrust assessments resulting from shifting air.

Though different elements additionally draw present, their affect is insignificant in comparison with the motors, so you possibly can often disregard them.

Selecting optimum battery capability

I’ve a desk right here that can assist you resolve what battery measurement you want for explicit setup: https://oscarliang.com/table-prop-motor-lipo-weight/

Now you’ll want to work out the acceptable battery capability, which is dependent upon the scale of your quadcopter, and C ranking required. Right here is the final guideline I personally observe for a freestyle/racing drone:

For 4S LiPo:

7 inch: 1500mah - 2200mah 5 inch: 1300mah - 1800mah 4 inch: 850mah - 1300mmah 3 inch: 650mah -1000mah

For 6S LiPo:

7 inch: 1200mah - 1500mah 5 inch: 900mah - 1300mah 4 inch: 550mah - 900mmah 3 inch: 400mah - 650mah

From there, we are able to calculate the C ranking requirement utilizing this system:

C Score = Present Draw / Capability

Find out how to Cost LiPo

Choosing A LiPo Charger

To cost LiPo batteries, you’ll want a charger particularly designed for them resulting from their strict charging necessities. You possibly can discover ways to select a high-quality LiPo charger on this purchaser’s information: https://oscarliang.com/choose-lipo-battery-charger-power-supply/

The next info applies if you happen to select a charger from my suggestions.

Connecting a LiPo to a Charger

Charging LiPo batteries with most trendy chargers is kind of easy. Usually, you simply must plug within the XT60 and stability connectors, set a number of parameters, and also you’re good to go.

Charger Modes

  • Steadiness Cost: Whereas charging the battery, the charger displays the voltage of every cell and retains them balanced. That is the most secure and most really useful technique of charging your LiPo battery.
  • Storage Cost: The charger brings every cell to storage voltage (which is between 3.80V and three.85V, relying on the charger).
  • Discharge: The charger makes an attempt to empty the LiPo battery (this course of may be extraordinarily gradual, relying on the discharging energy of the charger).

The Significance of Steadiness Charging

At all times plug within the stability lead earlier than charging.

Every cell in a battery has slight variations, and after a flight, you would possibly discover that the cell voltages differ. Charging a battery with imbalanced cell voltages with out utilizing the stability lead may result in some cells ending up under 4.2V and others exceeding 4.2V, which is harmful.

Most trendy LiPo chargers have stability charging as the one charging mode. In case you have an affordable or previous charger that permits charging with out the stability lead, discard it instantly and spend money on a correct charger. Charging with out the stability lead is unsafe!

Charging Velocity: How Quick Ought to You Cost?

Charging LiPo batteries at 1C or decrease is really useful, because it places the least pressure on the battery. This implies setting the cost present to 1 occasions the battery’s capability. For instance, for a 1500mAh LiPo, charging at 1C means setting the cost present to 1.5A (1C x 1500mA), and for a 900mAh battery, that’s 0.9A, and so forth.

Enjoyable Truth: Charging at 1C will take roughly one hour to completely cost the battery from empty.

Many batteries now assist sooner charging, reminiscent of at 3C and even 5C. Make sure you perceive your LiPo’s specs earlier than charging at larger charges. If unsure, simply cost at 1C, as charging your battery at larger C charges will increase the danger of LiPo overheating or inflicting a fireplace.

Select a Protected Charging Location

It’s essential to cost your batteries in an space freed from flammable gadgets and supplies. If you’re charging indoors, attempt to do it close to a window or door so to rapidly throw the battery out in case of a fireplace.

I personally retailer and cost my batteries in an ammo field (out there on Amazon). Don’t rely solely on “LiPo Baggage”; they could decelerate a LiPo fireplace, however they gained’t utterly comprise it. At all times hold a fireplace extinguisher close by when charging batteries.

By no means Depart Charging LiPo Batteries Unattended

Don’t go away the room whereas charging your batteries. Many LiPo-related fires happen as a result of individuals go away the charging course of unattended. It is best to at all times supervise LiPo batteries throughout charging. Recurrently verify their temperature; they need to stay cool. If a battery turns into heat or begins to swell, cease charging and examine. It might be a defective LiPo that must be retired, an overcharging concern, or just charging too rapidly.

Different Security Guidelines

Incorrect dealing with of LiPo batteries can probably trigger fires. Please familiarize your self with these security guidelines earlier than dealing with or charging batteries:

  • Decide up LiPo batteries by the physique, not the wires, which may be pulled off from fragile solder joints.
  • Enable batteries to chill down utterly after a flight earlier than charging them.
  • By no means use or cost a broken or swollen battery.
  • Confirm the variety of cells and battery kind are set appropriately in your charger earlier than charging.
  • Keep away from overcharging. Whereas good chargers can usually deal with this for you, it’s smart to verify cell voltages usually.
  • Preserve batteries out of direct daylight.
  • At all times take away the battery from the gadget it’s powering and place it in a protected space earlier than charging.
  • By no means brief the outputs of a battery at any time.

Parallel charging

Parallel charging might not be the most secure technique for charging LiPo batteries, nevertheless it gives a fast option to cost a number of batteries concurrently. I’ve a complete tutorial that explains the way to safely carry out parallel charging: https://oscarliang.com/parallel-charging-multiple-lipo/

Hota S6 400w Dual Channel Smart Lipo Charger Parallel Charging Operation

Charging 1S LiPo batteries

Charging small 1S batteries could be a bit totally different than charging bigger packs. One possibility is to cost a number of 1S batteries utilizing a parallel board, which primarily combines them as one giant 1S battery. Nonetheless, the best technique for charging 1S batteries is to make use of a devoted 1S battery charger or serial cost board. Take a look at my suggestions for 1S battery chargers right here: https://oscarliang.com/best-tiny-whoop/#Greatest-Tiny-Whoop-Chargers

Vifly Whoop 1s Series Charging Board Lipo Batteries Bt2.0

Find out how to Use LiPo Batteries Safely

How lengthy you possibly can go away LiPo batteries totally charged?

It’s okay to cost your batteries the day earlier than your flights. Nonetheless, personally, if I don’t fly the subsequent couple of days, I at all times return my batteries to storage voltage (e.g. 3.8V per cell).

Keep away from leaving them totally charged or empty for prolonged durations. Batteries not at their storage voltage will degrade sooner over time. Usually, most individuals discover it acceptable to go away batteries totally charged or discharged for a number of days. Nonetheless, if you happen to don’t plan to fly for greater than a few weeks, it’s finest to place your batteries at storage cost. Most trendy chargers can do that simply, however discharging may be gradual. You would possibly need to take into account getting a devoted discharger if you happen to do that regularly: https://oscarliang.com/discharge-lipo-batteries/

Working Temperature

FPV drone LiPo batteries carry out optimally between 30°C and 60°C. Chilly climate negatively impacts LiPo battery efficiency, leading to worse voltage sag and decreased flight time. Preserve your batteries heat earlier than a flight (e.g., by putting them in your pocket). Listed below are some extra tips about the way to fly FPV in chilly climate: https://oscarliang.com/fly-fpv-winter/

LiPo batteries additionally endure in extreme warmth, as they’ll swell and even catch fireplace. Be sure to not go away them beneath direct daylight in the summertime!

When to Land

It is best to land your drone when your battery voltage reaches 3.5V to three.6V.

Though you possibly can proceed flying with decrease voltages, doing so places additional pressure on the battery and should shorten its lifespan. All cells in a battery are totally different, and through a burst of throttle, the battery will sag with some cells sagging greater than others. This can lead to cells going under the protected restrict and inflicting harm. Touchdown at round 3.5V reduces the danger of this taking place.

One more reason to land early is that voltage drops considerably sooner under 3.5V. Persevering with to fly may lead to over-discharging your battery earlier than you possibly can land safely. Over-discharging could cause everlasting harm and shorten battery life.

LiPo battery discharge diagram: voltage vs capacity

Find out how to Retailer LiPo Batteries

As talked about earlier, if you happen to don’t plan to make use of a LiPo battery for an prolonged interval (longer than a number of weeks, for instance), you must:

  1. Storage cost it to three.8-3.85V
  2. Retailer it in a fireproof place (in LiPo luggage, ammo field, and so forth.)
  3. Retailer it at room temperature – excessively chilly or scorching situations can affect battery lifespan and security

When a LiPo cell is round 3.8V-3.85V, it has roughly 40% to 50% cost remaining. That is probably the most secure state for a LiPo battery, which is why new batteries from retailers usually arrive half charged.

LiPo Protected Baggage

Creator: Gd Jpeg V1.0 (using Ijg Jpeg V62), Quality = 70

LiPo luggage are made of material, typically with a metallic compound woven into them, and usually have both a zipper or Velcro fastener. They supply light-weight, cheap storage for battery transportation. Whereas LiPo luggage could decelerate a battery fireplace, they aren’t efficient at stopping or containing one. For long-term storage, a metallic ammo field is really useful. Nonetheless, LiPo luggage are comparatively inexpensive and nonetheless higher than nothing.

Get your LiPo luggage from:

Ammo Field

Creator: Gd Jpeg V1.0 (using Ijg Jpeg V62), Quality = 80

Earlier than utilizing an ammo field to retailer your LiPo batteries, take away the rubber seal on the lid (simply pry it off with a screwdriver). If potential, drill a few small holes to permit air to flee within the occasion of a fireplace (or make sure the field shouldn’t be tightly shut) to forestall strain buildup inside an hermetic metallic container.

Get your Ammo Field from:

Bat-Protected LiPo Field

Bat Safe Lipo Battery Charging Box

The Bat-Protected field safely accommodates battery fires, vents scorching gases, filters flame and soot, whereas making certain straightforward battery charging and transportation. It’s just like the upgraded model of the Ammo field. See my full assessment right here: https://oscarliang.com/bat-safe-lipo-battery-charging-box/

You could find the Bat-Protected Field right here:

What to do with over-discharged LiPo

Fully discharging a LiPo battery can lead to oxidation of the cells over time, inflicting a everlasting discount in efficiency. Nonetheless, if detected rapidly sufficient, you possibly can often save the battery with out important harm to its efficiency.

Chargers could not acknowledge an over-discharged battery resulting from low cell voltage. In such circumstances, it’s advisable to discard the battery. There are methods to rescue an over-discharged LiPo, however proceed at your individual danger.

Touring with LiPo Batteries

Many airways and airports permit LiPo batteries in passengers’ carry-on baggage. Preserve the next factors in thoughts:

  1. At all times verify together with your airline about touring with LiPo batteries
  2. Don’t carry LiPo batteries in your checked baggage
  3. Place your batteries in storage cost
  4. Tape or cowl the connectors and retailer them in a LiPo protected bag
  5. By no means journey with broken batteries

For extra info, see my information on “Find out how to journey with mini quad and LiPo batteries”: https://oscarliang.com/travel-fpv-drone-lipo-plane/

What to Do if a LiPo Battery Catches Fireplace

  1. Don’t panic; if potential, unplug all connections first
  2. Use a fireplace extinguisher
  3. If that’s not an possibility, sand can successfully put out a LiPo fireplace; cowl the burning LiPo with sand
  4. Keep away from inhaling smoke and watch for the hearth to exit and the battery to chill
  5. Do NOT use water

LiPo Disposal

When to Retire a LiPo Battery

LiPo batteries have a restricted cycle life, with every cost and discharge counting as one cycle. A well-maintained LiPo battery for RC fashions may probably final over 300 cycles. Nonetheless, for a lot of customers, damaging the battery bodily earlier than reaching that time is a standard incidence.

There isn’t a selected rule for when to get rid of a battery, however LiPo batteries can lose their “punch” and capability as inner resistance builds up over time. Inner resistance is an effective indication of battery well being. It is best to undoubtedly get rid of a battery if it turns into dented from a crash or if it’s swollen like a balloon.

Study extra about when to retire or get rid of a LiPo battery on this article: https://oscarliang.com/when-retire-lipo-battery/

Find out how to Eliminate LiPo Batteries

Outdated and broken LiPo batteries must be disposed of correctly. Study concerning the other ways of disposing LiPo batteries on this article: https://oscarliang.com/dispose-lipo-battery-safely/. By no means to puncture LiPo batteries, as doing so could cause a fireplace.


Listed below are some frequent questions from hobbyists.

Q: Are swollen (puffed) LiPo batteries harmful? A: Sure, swollen LiPo batteries usually are not protected to make use of or retailer.

Q: What causes LiPo batteries to turn out to be swollen? A: LiPo batteries swell when gasoline will get trapped contained in the cells. This will happen naturally, however bodily abuse (reminiscent of harm, overheating, or over-discharging) could cause the battery to generate extra gasoline.

Q: Can I repair a puffed LiPo battery? A: No, you possibly can’t. As soon as a LiPo battery turns into swollen, it’s irreversible. Eliminate it correctly as quickly as potential.

Q: How can I keep away from swollen batteries? A: To keep away from swollen batteries:

  • Don’t over-discharge – use a voltage alarm or monitoring system
  • Don’t overheat – keep away from leaving batteries beneath the solar or near warmth sources, and don’t overload the battery
  • By no means overcharge – arrange your charger correctly and monitor it whereas charging
  • Retailer your LiPo batteries correctly, as talked about earlier on this article

Q: Do new batteries should be damaged in? A: Break-in procedures for brand new batteries are a controversial matter within the FPV group. Some imagine that new batteries ought to undergo a sequence of gradual cost and discharge cycles earlier than being totally utilized. Others, like myself, have tried this technique and located no noticeable distinction. For extra dialogue on the subject, see this discussion board thread.

Technical Phrases

  • Reduce-off voltage – the voltage at which a battery is taken into account discharged utterly; For LiPo it’s 3.0V
  • Cycle life – 1 cycle is whenever you cost and discharge a battery. The cycle life is the full variety of cycles the battery will final
  • State of cost – the vitality stage of a battery from 0% to 100%.
  • Burst C-Score – the utmost discharge charge over a brief time frame (usually inside 10 seconds)


Congratulations, you made it!

Hopefully, you’ve realized one thing about LiPo batteries and the way to use them safely. Nonetheless, this information doesn’t cowl every part you’ll want to know. If you happen to’re unsure about something, proceed researching to make sure you’re dealing with your LiPo batteries as safely as potential. Joyful flying.

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  • 2017 – Article created.
  • 2018 – Added product suggestions.
  • 2019 – Up to date Clarification of Cell Rely and IR, added data on “the way to cost”.
  • 2023 – Up to date information.
  • Could 2024 – Up to date information and product suggestions.

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