Why you’re dropping cash when your drone isn’t within the air…

Why you’re dropping cash when your drone isn’t within the air…

Why you’re dropping cash when your drone isn’t within the air…
Illustration Courtesy of Modovolo

At Modovolo, we’ve shamelessly stolen this from the playbook of Southwest Airways. You see, 40 years in the past, Southwest discovered that individuals pay airways to fly them locations.

Sounds easy – and it’s – but it surely was a basic revelation as a result of Southwest then realized that if, for instance, a aircraft may fly to 10 areas in a day as a substitute of 5,  it could be like having two planes in a single and Southwest may promote extra tickets – and make more cash.  

The trick then was to maintain the aircraft within the air as a lot as potential.

It’s why Southwest developed a playbook for the “10-minute turnaround.” Southwest thought: when the aircraft pulls into the jetway, let’s get the passengers off the aircraft, clear the seats and flooring, refuel the aircraft, and re-load the aircraft with new passengers – all underneath 10 minutes – then we will get the aircraft again within the air.  

This meant that the aircraft was within the air. Quite a bit. Earning money.

And since Southwest’s planes are within the air excess of its opponents, Southwest has all the time been worthwhile (aside from 2020 throughout Covid) and has all the time grown its revenues. Its opponents’ planes spend extra time on the tarmac and people opponents have spotty information of profitability.

The lesson is that: a aircraft within the air is earning profits. And a aircraft on the tarmac is dropping cash.

The identical lesson applies to drone operations. Your drone must be within the air so that you can take pictures, do the inspection, unfold insecticide, and so forth. – and similar to Southwest, the longer it’s within the air, the extra worthwhile you’ll be.

You might be similar to Southwest’s opponents if in case you have a drone with a brief flight time. Your “aircraft is on the tarmac” and you’re dropping cash.

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